Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Mandals: Do I Even Have to Say It?

Obviously there are much bigger issues in the world, and occasionally I am even concerned with them, but today I write to you, dear Ebertfest readers, on the very pressing topic of men who wear sandals. Or Mandals, as the case may be. Which, sadly, it is.

There are those who wish to be comfortable, and this is something I comprehend--though I admit that, as a woman who regularly wears four-inch heels, it is not something to which I relate. That said, I can grasp the desire to let the toes breathe occasionally. I regularly indulge this urge throughout the warm months, but—and here I am adamant—I take pains so as not to subject others to the blight of my untreated toes.

And this brings me to my point. O male festival attendees who persist in letting your dogs run free—and after six years of Ebertfest attendance, I do not foresee the Hegemony of the Mandal letting up anytime soon--I have but one word for you, sirs: pedicure.


  1. This is so funny!! I get it believe me I get it..

  2. Is wearing socks and sandals o.k.?


  3. Dear Jurg, I regret to inform you that socks and sandals is never ok in this grumpy writer's book--though I do think it more acceptable for European men, which may cheer you some.

  4. I will admit youthful indiscretion of pre-summer Birkenstocks, but got a pair of Keens for Christmas and love them. Please tell me they are not on the footwear scale of shame.